Journalists Safety Training Workshop Romania

Bucharest, 16-18 March 2001

The International Federation of Journalists and the Centre for Independent Journalism, Bucharest, organised a safety training workshop for journalists in Bucharest, 16 / 18 March 2001.

Journalists from Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Yugoslavia and Romania participated.

The trainers, AKE Ltd, use materials developed closely with the BBC, one of the most recognised providers of safety training in the world, and adapt them to the specific needs of the journalists in the region.

The workshop not only provided comprehensive safety training for journalists reporting from conflict regions, but also focused on situations of tensions and social strife, such as reporting demonstrations and riots, that journalists meet in their daily work.

Safety training has now become standard for foreign correspondents among the large western media. The BBC have also extended the provision of safety training to their locally employed staff. This workshop is part of an IFJ work programme that aims to make the same protection available to local journalists as is available to western journalists.

All participants costs were covered by the programme.

Local coordination was organised by Ioana Avadani of the Centre for Independent Journalism, Bucharest.

Center for Independent Journalism, Str. Bibescu Voda, nr 18, sector 4, Bucharest

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The training workshop received support from the Council of Europe and the Freedom Forum.

Programme Outline

Day I

Weapons and Effects

Medical Introduction

Casualty Assessment

Weapon Types (Small Arms)

Airway Clearance

Weapons Employment

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Day II

Controlling Bleeding

Mortar/Artillery Air Attack

Burns Theory Treatment

Target Awareness

Fracture Theory


Fractures Theory (Upper Limb)

Military/Press Relationships


Public Disorder (Riots)

Theory Fractures (Lower Limb)

Mines and Booby Traps

Common Diseases

Personal Protection

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This is the second Safety Training Workshop organised by the IFJ. The first took place in Ohrid, Macedonia, September 2000.

The workshop has received support from the Council of Europe and the Freedom Forum.