IFJ/UNESCO event: World Press Freedom Day

As part of UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day activities, the IFJ will host an event on 1 May from 12 am CET to 1pm CET on Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living - a tribute to journalists who have died of Covid-19.

Credit: IFJ

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12-1 pm CET


General Secretary of Namibian Media Professionals Union introduces 1 minute’s silence for all journalists who have died of Covid-19

Introduction and welcome:

Jeremy Dear, IFJ Deputy General Secretary


Omar Faruk Osman - NUSOJ, Somalia

Bojana Laković Konatar - SMCG, Montenegro


Videos from Cambodia and El Salvador


Beth Costa – FENAJ, Brasil

Ihtsham-ul-haq– PFUJ, Pakistan


Videos from Peru and Yemen


Dr Mohammed Mwamadzingo – Africa Desk Officer, ACTRAV, International Labour Organisation

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