International Women's Day: IFJ Trains in Safety over Hundred Women Journalists from Middle East and Arab World

The principles of Safety, Justice and Equality, are at the heart of the International Federation of Journalists' programme to mark this year's International Women's Day in the Arab World and the Middle East, the highlight of which is the training of over a Hundred Women Journalists in Safety and risk awareness skills.

Eight 3-day trainings were concluded in the run up to International Women's Day from 5 - 7 March in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The trainings were run by members of the IFJ's regional safety trainer network and hosted by the IFJ's affiliated unions.

‘Increasing numbers of women reporters in the Arab World and the Middle East are putting their lives at risk covering conflict at home or abroad. Many pay a heavy price in their determination to engage in every field of journalism, facing routinely violence and discrimination, said Beth Costa, IFJ General Secretary. "The IFJ, at their side, fights this violence and the silence that surrounds it."

In the last three years, the IFJ has been implementing a comprehensive programme to build a culture of safety in the Middle East and the Arab World, training over 700 journalists across the region in all aspects of safety and risk management, to help them work more safely in an increasingly dangerous region.

To develop this ambitious programme, the IFJ worked with member unions and partnered with international and regional organisations, including UNESCO and the Federation of Arab Journalists.

‘This day is also an occasion to pay tribute to women journalists, field reporters, broadcasters, camerawomen and war correspondents that have shown  outstanding skills and commitment in reporting the changes in the region,' said Jim Boumelha. ‘We take this opportunity to thank all our partners and colleagues in the unions, who work every day to build a culture of equality, safety and mutual respect.'

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