#IFJTUNIS Tech giants: time for tax justice!

Not only do Facebook and Google capture an overwhelming share of the advertising market, but also most of their profits are not taxed anywhere. Ahead of IFJ Congress in Tunis, the IFJ shares stories illustrating digital challenges and how unions can shape a better future for journalists.

Damien MEYER / AFP

According to a report by the think tank Taxwatch in 2018, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Cisco, generated UK profits in 2017-18 of more than £6.6bn, but paid a combined tax bill of £191m (£49m for Google and £16m for Facebook) – as opposed to the £1bn they ought to have contributed.

A report published by two Dutch MEPs in September 2017 said Google, which declares its EU revenue in Ireland, paid just 0.36% to 0.82% in tax in the period in the EU.  The report estimates the loss in tax revenue for EU countries of around €5 billion in that period. In the same period, Facebook’s tax revenue in the EU ranges from 0.03% to 0.10%.

Every cent of unpaid tax is money that other media, social protection systems and national pensions and welfare schemes are denied.

It’s time for tax justice!

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