The 2003 Natali Prize - Rules of the Competition




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Arabic (PDF)

  1. Applications are invited from individual or groups of print and/or on-line journalists employed by the local media in the regions outlined in rule 11.

  2. Applicants can only enter once (individually OR in a group).

  3. Applicants must submit ONE article (or a series of articles on ONE subject), which addresses human rights, democracy and development.

  4. Entries must be for articles, which have been published in the general news media between 1 January 2002 and 31 December 2002.

  5. Entries must be submitted written in one of the 11 official languages of the European Union or in Arabic, or with an adequate translation into one of these languages. (If translation costs impede your participation, please contact the IFJ.)

  6. Print journalists must submit an original copy or a high quality photocopy of the original article. On-line journalists are required to send a copy of the published article in HTML format by e-mail or on a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, OR a URL that can be viewed unaltered for judging from June to December 2003. A senior editorial manager must certify that the work was published on an Internet site.

  7. The name of the author and the date of publication should be clearly indicated on all articles submitted (print and on-line) or be accompanied by a letter from a senior editorial manager certifying that the applicant is the author of the article and that it was published on the said date. (Note that no articles submitted to the Natali Prize will be returned.)

  8. Each entry must be made with the written consent of the author.

  9. An independent jury made up of media, development and human rights professionals will examine the entries and put their recommendations to the European Commission.

  10. The European Commission will award the Natali Prizes on the basis of a proposal from the jury.

  11. One Natali Prize will be awarded in each of the following five regions:
    1. Europe (Member and Non-Member States of the European Union)

    2. Africa

    3. The Arab World, Iran and Israel

    4. Asia and the Pacific

    5. Latin America and the Caribbean

    The jury will allocate entries to their relevant regional category.

  12. A decision may be taken to award no Prize in any of the above categories.

  13. The jury will consider:
    1. the quality of professionalism and journalistic standards applied in the preparation and dissemination of the article,

    2. the exemplary nature of the article and its impact on and relevance to public opinion.

  14. The decision of the jury and the European Commission shall be final.

  15. Each prize winner will receive a Natali Trophy and a Financial Award of €10,000.

  16. The deadline for submission is 31 May 2003.

  17. The European Commission has the right to reproduce and disseminate the work submitted in its publications and in publicity material for the Natali Prize.

  18. Articles written by current members of staff of the European Community institutions or the IFJ will not be considered for the Natali Prize.

  19. Applicants submitting more than ONE article (or a series of articles on more than ONE subject) for consideration by the jury will be disqualified.