Radio Station Disabled by Equipment Theft, Showing Insecure Conditions

The International Federation of

Journalists (IFJ) is disturbed to learn from its affiliate, the Federation of

Nepali Journalists (FNJ) of successive waves of theft at the Prime FM radio

station in Kavre district in central Nepal.


The radio station was robbed of

essential cables and other equipment on the night of October 23, following

which broadcasts were discontinued. On November 2, masked assailants attacked

the security guard on duty at the radio station and stole essential

transmission equipment as well as a battery.



successive waves of theft have completely disabled the radio station.


”The IFJ

asks local authorities to consider whether this was a targeted attack to

silence the radio station or just a case of theft,” IFJ

Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said.



conditions in certain parts of Nepal have made news gathering and dissemination

a hazardous pursuit.”


“In light

of the importance of radio broadcasting among all other forms of media in the

country, we urge Nepali authorities to consider whether some form of insurance

for radio stations could be provided, to protect them against theft and



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