PSB in Montenegro, IFJ Conference

Round table
"For a Public Service Radio and Television : The case of Montenegro"
Hotel "Crna Gora", Podgorica

July 11, 2002 On 11 July 2002, over 30 media professionals from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, as well as representatives from the IFJ and from the OSCE met in Podgorica to discuss the transformation of Radio-Television Crna Gora into a public broadcaster. The conference, organised by the Independent Trade Union of Journalists of Montenegro in the framework of the IFJ Campaign Public Broadcasting for All, provided a forum for the professional journalists community and civil society to define PSB values for Montenegro. A new law, drafted by the National Working Group with experts of the Council of Europe, is currently waiting to be considered by the Parliament. Problems identified include that the current structure of RTV-CG is too heavy, the company lacks transparency, the whole structure remains over- politicised, lacks professional standards and disrespects working rights. In the conclusions of the meeting, participants called for a transformation of RTV-CG in line with European standards, with secure financing, transparent management, editorial independence, fair working conditions, representation at the RTCG Council for the journalists union and involvement of the civil society.

Programme of the Conference

Chair: Snezana Rakonjac Member of Executive board of ITUJM and editor at TV Montenegro Opening speech: Vesna Pejovic President of ITUJM and editor at TV Montenegro "Public service brodcasting regulations- a major step to professionalism" Marc Gruber
IFJ- Coordinator of the Public Brodcasting for All Campaign "OSCE project of transformation of RTS into public service" Giovanni Porta
OSCE - Head of media section "Experiences of introducting public RTV service in Slovenia and transitional countries" Boris Bergant, Deputy General-Director of RTV Slovenia "Transformation of public service RTV Slovenia and attempts of the Journalist Trade union changes " Rajko Geric, President of Journalist Trade union of TV Slovenia
Joze Mozina, Member of Executive board of Journalist Trade union of TV Slovenia "Practical problems in the Law application on Croatian TV in transitional process" Helena Krpatic, Member of Trade union of journalist and journalist at Croatian TV "Experience from Croatian TV in transformation into public service" Elizabeta Gojan, Foreing-relations commentator at Croatian TV "Bosnian experience in construction of the public service" Rade Budalic, Editor at RTV BH "Politicians influence to public service and the role of Trade union and journalists in exemption from autocenzorship" Milica Lucic Cavic, President of IJAS (Serbia) "Service in the public interest has its price- how to survive public service of RT Montenegro" Miodrag Vucinic,Director general of RT Montenegro "Law on public radio brodcasting service of TV Montenegro" Velibor Covic, Editor in chief of TV Montenegro "State medias at the beginning of transformation" Radovan Miljanic, Editor in chief of Radio Montenegro "Transformation of state RT Montenegro into public service : normative and legal aspects" Abaz Beli Dzafic, Assistent of republic Secretary of information "Place of state in public service" Radomir Sekulovic, Ministery of Foreing Affairs- independent collaborator "Why public service is in the function of publicity" Vojislav Raonic, Director of Montenegrian media Institute "Individualism, or human relation in journalism" Melanija Bulatovic, Editor at TV Montenegro "Ethics and aesthetics of public information, their prerequisites, mutual relation and possinilities of realization in relation to the limits of Montenegrin society" Don Branko Sbutega, Caritas of Kotor Bichopric "Some economic aspects of transformation of state television of Montenegro into public service" Milivoje Radovic, Profesor at the Economic Faculty "Educational function of television" Jasmina Ðordevic, Historical Institute of Montenegro "My language bothers You? What will happen with television files after its transformation" Ilir Chapuni, Publisher of the newspaper "Kronika" "Discurs about media- language culture" Slavica Perovic, Dean of the Institute for foreign languages of Montenegro "Influence of program of RT Montenegro on children mental health" Ljiljana Mujovic, Doctor for children disease and psychotherapeut "The principle of executive circle or collectivism as a signal of publicity" Dragana Kršenkovic Brkovic, Playwright