Letter of condolence to FELAP at the death of Luis Suarez

Tubal Paéz y Juan Carlos Camaño
Vicepresidente Primero y Secretario General
de la Federación Latinoamericana de Periodistas (FELAP) June 2nd 2003

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Executive Committee and membership of the International Federation of Journalists I wish to express my great sorrow at the death of Luis Suarez.

Luis has been a dedicated and committed fighter for social justice, political freedom and professionalism for all of his life.

It has been an honour to work with him over the years. His loss will be deeply felt by colleagues throughout Latin America and around the world.

On a personal basis I have had a secure and strong relationship with Luis that has lasted through most of the past 20 years ago. We may have had some differences, but Luis always demonstrated that support for the movement we serve – journalists and their communities striving for high ideals in a world of poverty, injustice and neglect – is our most important duty and responsibility.

Luis always gave leadership when it was most needed, demonstrating the need for international solidarity and unity around shared objectives, and building upon the highest values of our profession.

I am very sorry to learn of his death. He has always been a feature of the international journalism scene and for me contributed greatly to the struggle for journalists’ rights worldwide. I am grateful for his friendship and goodwill and for introducing me to Mexico, and for demonstrating that solidarity is not just a passing whim, but requires life-long commitment. I shall miss him very much.

Please convey to his family, friends and colleagues the sincere condolences of all of his friends and admirers within the global family of the IFJ.

With kind regards

General Secretary