Justice for Journalists Killed in Iraq: a Message of Solidarity from Somalia

SOJON Statement on the Death of Seven Journalists in Iraq

Somali Journalists are strongly expressing their heartache at the deaths of seven journalists killed in Iraq involving US forces during the fighting between the coalition forces and the former government of Saadam Hussein.

We are feeling that this is a disheartening day for world journalists and it deserves to be accepted as an international day, April 8th, to support the need for a reasonable and genuine inquiry into the deaths of journalists Taras Protsiuk, José Couso, Mazen Dana, Terry Lloyd, Fred Nérac, Hussein Osman and Tareq Ayyoub.

The Somali Journalists Network is coordinating an event in Mogadishu for the remembrance of these dreadful actions. Our Director General, Abukar Sheik, will be leading the memorial at SOJON headquarters in Mogadishu by presenting the story surrounding these tragic killings to the Somali people in a press conference.

SOJON informed the media in Somalia to cover the tragedy as one of the most serious steps that must be tackled in terms of journalistic personnel who were trying to report the story in Iraq through a memorial plaque for freedom of expression.

We, a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), are supporting the international demand to receive the outcomes of the investigation from the US administration particularly the Department of Defense and the Pentagon. As well, we recognize the need for an independent investigation

We, on behalf of Somali journalists, send our heartfelt condolences to families, friends and colleagues of the dead journalists.

Best wishes,

Omar Faruk Osman

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