Journalist’s Murder Underscores Impunity in the Philippines

The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate the National

Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) in condemning the murder of dwEB-FM radio

commentator Romeo Olea in Camarines Sur province on June 13.


Olea was on his way to work about 5.30am

when he was shot by three gunmen on the outskirts of Iriga in the northern Philippines.

He died shortly after at the Rinconada Medical Center.


Olea is the fourth media worker to

be killed in the Philippines

this year and the fifth since the inauguration of President Benigno Aquino III on

June 30, 2010.


Miguel Belen, one of Olea’s

colleagues at dwEB-FM, also died on July 31, 2010 from injuries sustained when

he was shot weeks earlier on July 9. 


The impunity with which journalists

are attacked and murdered will never be brought to an end unless government

unequivocally commits itself and acts resolutely to defend the rights and

liberties of each and every Filipino,” the NUJP

said in statement.


It is not yet clear if Olea’s murder

was directly related to his work as a journalist. He was known for his

“crusading” reporting in his program, Anything

Goes, according to local media reports.


“The murder of Romeo Olea is

characteristic of media killings in the Philippines where outspoken voices

are violently silenced,” IFJ Asia-Pacific

Director Jacqueline Park said.


“The IFJ joins the NUJP in imploring authorities to see that the

investigation into his murder is fast and effective.”


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