Journalists and Media Workers’ Unions Pledge Asia-Pacific Cooperation to Build Stronger Unions for Stronger Media

Journalists and

media workers in the Asia-Pacific commit to building stronger unions to build

power in our creative communities for a stronger media.


Strong unions that

represent journalists and media workers are central to an independent media in

democratic societies. Media workers through their unions are also engaging in

shaping the emerging regional structures.



70 leaders and representatives of 35 Asia-Pacific trade unions and associations

representing workers in the journalism,

media, entertainment and arts industry met in Kuala Lumpur to commit to organise

to shape the future of the media industry in the Asia-Pacific.


Following on from the IFJ-UNI Bali resolution

on 1 October, 2010, the 2012 joint meeting – “Strong Unions, Strong Media:

Organizing for Power at Work” further demonstrates our commitment to deepen

cross regional and cross sectoral cooperation and linkages. 


The group resolved to address a series of priorities

through joint cooperation and national and regional actions.


These include:


1.     Safety

and security for all journalists and media workers and an end to impunity


2.   Legal reforms that respect core

labour and freedom of expression standards including all positive obligations

through international conventions..


3.     Employment

arrangements that respect our careers and professionalism by empowering media

workers to build their careers both inside and outside traditional employment



4.     Independent

public broadcasting that reflects the communities they serve;


5.     Strengthened

unions of journalists and media workers as the democratic arm of the industry with

greater cooperation and unity at a national and regional level.



IFJ AP and UNI APRO will continue discussions to formalise our alliance including

through a joint organising strategy and coordinated project work.



network, representing workers in print, broadcasting, film, entertainment and

arts, will continue to maintain and build connections with like-minded related

organisations with an understanding that regional solidarity means stronger

unions and a stronger media.



meeting further commits to undertake joint actions to build the campaigning and

organising capacity of all our unions as the democratic voice of our industries

that reach out to emerging work in new media, among freelance and contract

workers and young workers.



will work to ensure governments and media institutions invest in the long-term

future of media by creating needed infrastructure, building new audiences and

wisely managing the introduction of new technologies.


We welcome the launch of International News

Safety Institute Asia-Pacific to be hosted by UNI APRO and commit to work with

INSI AP on safety and security issues as part of our continuing campaign to

create a safe environment and end impunity.



unions will build the power and influence of journalists, media and

entertainment workers in Asia-Pacific to achieve improvements in press freedom,

freedom of expression and freedom of association, and to foster a democratic,

professional and ethical media culture.



will also create regional networks of unions in public service broadcasters to

promote solidarity in support of PSB values.


The trade unions and associations

represented at the Kuala Lumpur meeting and endorsing its resolutions are as



1.      International

Federation of Journalists Asia-Pacific

2.      UNI

APRO and UNI MEI Global Union

3.      Aliansi

Jurnalis Independen, Indonesia

4.      Asosiasi

Serikat Pekerja Indonesia

5.      Association

of Taiwan Journalists

6.      Astro

Productions Employees Association, Malaysia

7.      Burma

Media Association

8.      Cambodian

Association for the Protection of Journalists

9.      Engineering,

Printing, and Manufacturing Union, New Zealand

10.   Federation

of Independent Media Workers’ Unions, Indonesia

11.   Federation of Nepalese Journalists

12.   Free

Media Movement, Sri Lanka

13.   Hong

Kong Journalists’ Association

14.   Indian

Journalists’ Union

15.   Maldives

Journalists’ Association

16.   Media,

Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Australia

17.   Myanmar

Journalist Association

18.   Myanmar

Journalist Union

19.   National

Alliance of Broadcasting Unions, Philippines

20.   National

Union of Journalists of the Philippines

21.   National

Union of Journalists, India

22.   National

Union of Journalists, Malaysia

23.   National

Union of Journalists, Nepal

24.   National

Union of Media Workers, Korea

25.   National

Union of Newspaper Workers, Malaysia

26.   Nepal

Press Union

27.   Nepal

Television Employees’ Association

28.   Pakistan

Federal Union of Journalists

29.   Portal

Creatif, Malaysia

30.   Radio

Nepal Employees Association

31.   Singapore

Union of Broadcasting Employees

32.   Sri

Lanka Working Journalists’ Association

33.   System

Television Malaysia Berhad Employees Union - KSKSTMB  

34.   Timor

Leste Journalists’ Association

35.   UNIME


36.   Union

of MCOT, Thailand

37.   Union

of Public Television Service Foundation, Taiwan

38.   Vietnam

Television Union




further information, contact:


Asia-Pacific on +612 9333 0919


APRO/ UNI MEI on [email protected]


The IFJ represents over 600,000 journalists in 125 countries worldwide


MEI represents 140 unions and guilds and over 300,000 media, entertainment and

arts workers globally 


Find the IFJ on Twitter: @ifjasiapacific

Find UNI MEI on Twitter: @unimei