Indian Union Rallies for Law to Protect Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) extends its support to

its affiliate, the National Union of Journalists of India – NUJ(I) - in its

campaign seeking a national law to protect journalists.


On June 25,  the NUJ(I) organised a series of

demonstrations across India, to highlight the rising trend of violence against

journalists and demand a comprehensive law to deal with the range of hazards faced

by media practitioners. All state-level units of the NUJ(I) presented memoranda

to the relevant governmental authorities to focus attention on this demand.


The national leadership

of the NUJ(I) and elected office-bears of the Delhi unit attended the

demonstration at a central location in the national capital. Among those

present were the secretary-general of the NUJ(I), Ras Bihari, former president

Nand Kishore Trikha and senior journalist and union activist, Rajendra Prabhu,

as well as senior representatives from the national and local leadership.


A delegation of the

NUJ (I) later presented a memorandum to the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan

Singh. The document recorded over 190 attacks on journalists in the recent past

and argued the case for comprehensive security legislation.


In addition,

increasing job insecurity, represented by recent staff retrenchments in major

TV channels, was highlighted by the demonstrators. The NUJ(I) has also made the

case for the law empowering the Press Council of India to be amended to include

the entire media industry within its mandate.


“Despite its long

tradition of legislation and policy which protects media freedoms and

journalists’ rights, India has in recent years been hazardous territory for

media practitioners”.


“We support the

demands made by our affiliate union in India and urge these discussions to be raised

more broadly”, said the IFJ Asia-Pacific.


“We urge the

authorities at both the national and state levels, to respond to the concerns

raised by the journalists of India”.




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