IFJ Welcomes Successful Safety Training for Gaza Journalists in Egypt


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today welcomed the successful

safety training organised for Gaza Journalists which took place in Cairo from 20 to 22



training which was jointly organised by the International Institute for News

Safety (INSI) and the IFJ and hosted by the Federation of Arab Journalists

(FAJ) was attended by 18 journalists from the Gaza Strip.


training is vital for journalists working in hostile environments and nowhere

else are conditions as challenging to journalists as in Gaza," said Aidan

White, IFJ General Secretary. "We are delighted that our

colleagues have completed the training and grateful to the FAJ for having made

it possible."


the three-day workshop, journalists received training in safety and traumatic

stress management techniques.


18 journalists who attended the training came from different newspapers and Palestinian

media outlets based in Gaza.


IFJ is confident that the knowledge and skills acquired from this training will

help journalists in Gaza

to better assess the risks to their safety and security which they continue to

face on a daily basis.


knowledge of risk assessment is an important tool for journalists in Gaza," added White. "We

will continue to monitor the needs of our colleagues and discuss ways of

addressing them through our partnership with FAJ."


safety training was a result of the IFJ led mission to Gaza in January.


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