Suspects Arrested for Murder of Indonesian Reporter


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) welcomes the arrest of seven

suspects in the murder of Radar Bali journalist Agung Gede Narendra Prabangsa in Bali, Indonesia.


As a

result of rigorous campaigning by the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), an IFJ affiliate,

local police reopened an investigation into Prabangsa’s murder and connections

to his work as a journalist.



body was found on February 16 in the Bungsil

Strait, off Karangasem regency,

six days after he was reported missing.


At the

time, police denied a connection

between his death and his work as Radar

Bali regional editor.


However, Bali Police Chief Inspector General Teuku Ashikin

Husein said on May 25 that Prabangsa’s murder was likely to be connected to a

series of investigative reports on alleged corruption in a construction project

involving at the local government’s Regency Education Project.



suspects in the murder are reportedly connected to I Nyoman Susrama, project supervisor at Regency Education Project, who was named as the alleged mastermind of

Prabangsa’s murder, AJI reports.


Susrama is

also reportedly the brother of newly elected legislative member of Bangli

Regency, Regent Nengah Arnawa.


The Jakarta Post named the six other

suspects as I Nyoman Rencana, I Komang Gede Wardana, Koman gede, Dewa Sumbawa

and Jampes.



a journalist for their professional work is a barbaric and cowardly act,” IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said.



arrests of those suspected to be involved in the murder of Prabangsa should act

as a warning that violent retribution against journalists is criminal and will

not be tolerated.”


The IFJ commends

AJI for its persistence in demanding ongoing investigation by local authorities

to ensure the perpetrators of Prabangsa’s murder are brought to justice.


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