NUJ and IFJ condemn UK government Visa Decision

The Nation Union of Journalists of Great Britain and Ireland ( NUJ) has

joined forces with the International Federation of Journalists to condemn the decision by the UK government to refuse a visa to a

leading Colombian journalist whose reports on human rights abuses  led to

her being kidnapped and receiving death threats in a 10-year campaign of

intimidation and harassment.

Claudia Julieta Duque was due to travel to the UK next week as a guest of

the National Union of Journalists but the UK government, which has previously

praised her work exposing human rights abuses in Colombia, turned down her visa


NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said:

"Claudia is in Europe to receive awards for her brave and courageous

work documenting human rights abuses in Colombia. "It is shameful that the

UK government is the only one to turn down her visa request for what appear to

be political reasons. The decision should be reversed as a matter of


IFJ General Secretary Aidan White said:

"At a time when the international community should be cracking down

hard on impunity and the violations of journalists' rights, it is extraordinary

that the authorities in Britain are closing the door to one of Colombia's most

distinguished reporters who work is an inspiration in the struggle for

democracy and human rights."


Claudia Julieta Duque has been a target of state surveillance and

harassment since her investigations in to the murder of journalist Jaime Garzon

revealed high-level political and security service involvement. Her

investigation led to the conviction of one of the heads of Colombia's secret

service. She has continued to document human rights abuses. As a result she has

been kidnapped, forced in to exile three times and recently uncovered official

documents which set out steps of how to threaten and intimidate her. She was

made an honorary member of the NUJ earlier this year.