Journalists and Media Workers’ Unions Pledge Asia-Pacific Cooperation

Leaders and representatives of 38

international and Asia-Pacific trade unions and associations representing workers in the media, entertainment,

graphical and arts industry resolved this week to encourage close and strong cooperation

to build a regional IFJ-UNI network.



than 50 union leaders and activists called for strengthened links among

industry unions at a meeting of affiliates and associates of global union

federations the International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Asia-Pacific, UNI Global Union and UNI-APRO,

UNI-MEI (Media, Entertainment and Arts) and UNI Graphical & Packaging, in Bali, Indonesia,

on September 29-30.


The joint IFJ Asia-Pacific

and UNI meeting, under the banner of Working

together to build power: Unions in the media, entertainment, graphical and arts

industry in the Asia-Pacific, was hosted by IFJ affiliate Aliansi Jurnalis

Independen (AJI).



and leaders of unions from Afghanistan

across to the Pacific said they would seek to ensure the priorities of media,

graphical and entertainment unions in Asia-Pacific are determined and

implemented in the region.



formal cooperation and networking between IFJ Asia-Pacific

and the UNI Asia-Pacific Regional Office is encouraged to maximise

effectiveness and efficiency of union-building activities in the region.



meeting determined that the IFJ Asia-Pacific

Steering Committee, UNI-APRO, UNI-MEI and UNI Graphical & Packaging would continue

discussions on formalising an alliance, and look to develop a joint organising

strategy and coordinated project work.



network, representing workers in print, broadcasting, graphical, film,

entertainment and arts, would maintain and build connections with related



Amid the significant challenges confronting media, graphical and

entertainment workers and unions in Asia-Pacific, the meeting’s delegates said

they would seize the opportunity to lead the way in shaping the future of their

industry and unions in Asia-Pacific.



meeting further committed to undertake actions to build the campaigning and

organising capacity of unions, and seek to ensure media institutions invest in

the long-term future of media by building new audiences and wisely managing the

introduction of new technologies.



unions will build the power and influence of journalists, media, graphical and

entertainment workers in Asia-Pacific to achieve improvements in press freedom,

freedom of expression and freedom of association, and to foster a democratic,

professional and ethical media culture.


The organisations represented at the

Bali meeting and endorsing its resolutions are

as follows:


  1. International Federation of Journalists Asia-Pacific
  2. UNI Global Union
  3. UNI Media, Entertainment & Arts
  4. UNI Graphical & Packaging
  6. Afghan Independent Journalists’ Association
  7. Aliansi Jurnalis Independen, Indonesia
  8. All India Newspaper Employees’ Federation
  9. Asosiasi Serikat Pekerja Indonesia
  10. Association of Taiwan Journalists
  11. Bangkok Post LU
  12. Cambodian Association for the Protection of Journalists
  13. Engineering, Printing, and Manufacturing Union, New Zealand
  14. Federation of Independent Media Workers’ Unions, Indonesia
  15. Free Media Movement, Sri Lanka
  16. Hong Kong Journalists’ Association
  17. Indian Journalists’ Union
  18. Journalists’ Association of Korea
  19. Maldives Journalists’ Association
  20. Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Australia
  21. Maharashtra Media Employees’ Union
  22. National Alliance of Broadcasting Unions, Philippines
  23. National Union of Journalists of the Philippines
  24. National Union of Journalists, India
  25. National Union of Journalists, Malaysia
  26. National Union of Media Workers, Korea
  27. National Union of Newspaper Workers, Malaysia
  28. Nepal Press Union
  29. Nepal Television Employees’ Association
  30. New Zealand Public Service Association             
  31. Pacific Freedom Forum, Pacific Islands
  32. Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists
  33. Shimbun Roren - Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers’ Unions
  34. Sindicato dos Jornalistas de Timor Leste
  35. Sri Lanka Working Journalists’ Association
  36. System Television Malaysia Berhad Employees Union - KSKSTMB  
  37. Timor Lorosae Journalists’ Association
  38. Union of Public Services, Nepal


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