Investigative Journalist Jailed Twice on Identical Charges in China


International Federation of Journalists

(IFJ) condemns the punitive tactics employed by China authorities against prominent

investigative journalist Qi Chonghuai, who has been sentenced to a further

eight years’ imprisonment on the eve of completing a four-year jail term.



anti-corruption journalist Qi Chonghuai, 46, was sentenced to eight years’ jail

by Tengzhou Court,

Shangdong in eastern China

on June 9 on charges of extortion, blackmail and fraud. However Qi’s two defence

lawyers said the legal system is relying on evidence already used to convict Qi

of identical charges in 2008, when he received a four year sentence. He will

now remain in prison pending an appeal by his legal team.



children are refusing to speak after they found out that their father could not

come back home as originally scheduled on June 25,” Qi’s wife Jiao Xia said

through tears.



did not commit any crime. He is exercising his duty as a media watchdog and is working

for a fair and just society. I only ask for a fair trial, nothing else.



don’t know who made the order to detain Qi continuously however I believe they are

afraid my husband will disclose who treated him badly inside the prison.”



who had served at various Mainland media outlets including at Legal System Daily, Journalist Observer, People’s Public Security News and China Work Safety News, hadreceived beatings almost everyday in Tengzhou

prison, according to reports. After an international outcry the journalist was reportedly

transferred to another prison and assigned to work long hours in a coal mine.



defence lawyer Wang Quanzhang told IFJ that they have already filed an appeal.

Another of Qi’s lawyers Liu Xiaoyuan is under supervision by the security of

bureau in Beijing

because of his involvement in the Qi case and in that of prominent contemporary

artist Ai Weiwei, who was released on June 22 from Beijing Prison after 81 days

in detention.



Wen Jiabao, on his official visit in London this

week has admitted that corruption coupled with inflation could jeopardise the

power of China’s

ruling Communist party and the stability of the country’s


the IFJ Asia-Pacific said.



Chonghuai is a true public servant for exposing corruption in China, and his efforts should be

applauded, not harshly and repeatedly penalised by the authorities.”



the IFJ welcomes the release on June 26 of renowned environmental activist and

writer Hu Jia after three years and six months imprisonment.



37, who is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, was convicted on December 25,

2008 of inciting subversion of state power after he wrote articles and accepted

interviews with overseas media outlets. Hu and his wife Zeng Jinyan, who is also

a human rights activist, were encircled by more than a dozen policemen in when Hu

arrived home in Beijing

on June 26.



to Hong Kong-based broadcaster NOW TV Hu was warned by police department when

he was about to leave prison that he can neither accept interviews nor express

his own opinions because his political rights are curtailed for a further 12

months under his sentence. Zeng, whose communication with outsiders has been blocked,

told the IFJ that they were under heavy supervision by Beijing security officers. 



Kong-based Ming Pao newspaper

reported on June 27 that Hu said that he will continue to fight for

human rights and said: “Having seen past history, we can’t maintain loyalty and

filial piety altogether. I think loyalty should go to our conscience and human




said that all overseas and Hong Kong

journalists were barred from entering the compound of Hu’s home by more than a

dozen policemen who provided the excuse that “the area is not safe”.



Ming Pao report also said that Hu’s

former colleague Peng Dingding was barred on June 26 from leaving his

residential compound.



Hu family is deeply worried that they face the same fate as blind human rights

activist 39-year-old Chen Guangcheng, who with his wife remains under house

arrest after Chen served a four year and three month jail sentence. They are

not allowed to accept any interviews.



IFJ calls on China authorities to immediately release Qi Chonghuai, and allow

freedom of movement and freedom of expression for Hu, Peng, Chen and their



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