IFJ Welcomes Lifting of Ban on Newspaper in Bahrain


International Federation (IFJ) has today welcomed the decision to lift the ban

on the Arabic version of the Gulf News newspaper after the authorities stopped its publication on

Sunday 21 June 2009.


welcome the lifting of the ban which was a serious violation of press freedom,"

said Paco Audije, IFJ Deputy General

Secretary. "It is not for governments to tell newspapers what to publish and

this type of vindictive reaction to media work is unacceptable."


to media reports, the decision to ban the publication of the Gulf News Arabic version followed an

article in its Saturday paper which criticised the Iranian

leadership for their reaction to massive demonstrations triggered by the

disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad.


Bahrain Journalists' Association

(BJA), an IFJ affiliate, condemned the decision to stop the Sunday publication.

It also accused the Ministry of Information of breaching the press law in Bahrain

by issuing the ban itself without first seeking approval of a judge as required

by the law.


colleagues showed leadership by resisting the decision and we commend them,"

added Audije. "Media in Bahrain

have recently committed themselves to improving their professional and

independent reporting through the launch of the national Ethical Journalism

Initiative Committee in Bahrain. The EJI

committee was established to lead national debates on improving the quality of

journalism in the country."

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