IFJ Welcomes end to Boycott of Independent Television Station in the Maldives


The Maldives

Journalists’ Association (MJA), an affiliate of the International Federation of

Journalists (IFJ), has in a statement released on October 1, welcomed the

Maldives Police Service decision to end its boycott of the independent news and

entertainment channel, Raajje TV.


Since the resignation

of Mohammad Nasheed as President of the Maldives in contentious circumstances

in February, state institutions have declined to participate in or cooperate

with news coverage in Raajje TV, which is known to have an editorial policy

sympathetic to the former president’s party.


Political parties too

have reportedly taken to voicing their opinions only to news media that they are

sure will take a favourable editorial policy.


In August, the MJA

reported that the office of the President of the Maldives and the Maldives

Police Service had discontinued participation in news stories and features

carried by Raajje TV. At the same time, opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed was

reported to have pointedly disregarded assembled journalists and granted an

exclusive interview to Raajje TV after returning from an overseas visit.


According to MJA President

Ahmed Zahir “Hiriga”, the growing polarisation is also evident in media

coverage of political events, such as public meetings and rallies.


The IFJ supports the

MJA’s call that government institutions and political actors should provide equal

opportunity and cooperation to all the media organisations without




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