IFJ Honours Memory of Photojournalist Killed in Argentina


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) on  Wednesday joined its affiliate in Argentina,

the Argentinean Federation of Press Workers (FATPREN), its regional organisation, La

Federación de Periodistas de América Latina y el Caribe (FEPALC) and other

national organisations to mark the 14th anniversary of the murder of

Argentinean photographer José Luis Cabezas and to condemn the impunity for his


The activities,

held in the coastal city of Pinamar, included a march which took place on one

of the principal highways leading to a monument in Cabezas' honour. 


unresolved murder of José Cabezas demonstrates the continued scandal of

impunity and the failure of governments to bring the killers of journalists to

justice," said Jim Boumelha, IFJ President. "In this case it is outrageous that

his killers have been released and are roaming freely."

Cabezas, a

photographer who worked for Noticias magazine, was kidnapped, tortured and shot dead on 25 January 1997 after he had

taken a photograph of a dead businessman, Alfredo Yabrá.  Former police officers

and men of the group known as "Los Horneros" were convicted for the

crime.  However, they were granted freedom on parole.  One of the

criminals is said to work in a private security company. 

The IFJ, which

launched a campaign against impunity in Latin America for journalists' killers in

2008, welcomed the pursuit of justice by its affiliates and Cabezas' family.

"The IFJ is

grateful to José's family and FATPREN for honouring our colleague's memory but

also for continuing to demand justice 14 years after his murder. Journalists

worldwide will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them until justice

is done," added Boumelha.

The leadership

of FATPREN and Cabezas' family pledged to continue their campaign until their

demands are met.

"We did not

accept that this crime be forgotten and we would not allow the country to put

it at the back of its mind," said Gustavo Granero, General Secretary of FATPREN

and IFJ Vice President. "For over a decade journalists and media workers

have been marching throughout Argentina to condemn this atrocious crime until

the killers were finally put behind bars and to this day we continue to demand action

against those who ordered the vicious killing. The jail sentences must be

carried out and the criminals must return to prison."


Cabezas, sister of the killed photographer said "My father is no longer

with us after he endured the pain of impunity in his last days. However, the

support of the organisations and media helps us stand firm in our demands for true justice."

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