IFJ Demands End to Slaughter of Mexican Journalists after Three Deaths in February

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its Latin American

regional group, FEPALC, today condemned the killings of journalists in Mexico,

following the murder of Juan Carlos Hernández, director of El Quijote newspaper published in the Guerrero region, on February 27th.

Hernández was shot several times by two people driving a pickup

truck through the town of Tehuilotepec.

The victim's family refused to provide further details for fear of reprisals

against them.

"The worse we can do is to remain silent as the gravestone under which

the murdered Mexican journalists are buried", says Paco Audije, Deputy

Secretary General of the IFJ. "We demand a real investigation and reject the

declarations of certain authorities who avoid their responsibilities by

claiming these murders have nothing to do with their work as journalists".

Two other Mexican

journalists have been killed in February. Jean-Paul Ibarra Ramírez, reporter in

El Correo, city of Iguala, state of Guerrero, was killed on 13

February  as well as Luis Daniel Méndez Hernández, who was shot dead on 22

February . Méndez Hernández was a journalist in Radiorama, station which

broadcast in Veracruz, east of Mexico.

The IFJ and FEPALC support the demand to federalize the crimes against

freedom of expression, including of course the killing of journalists, and to create

an attorney post dedicated to investigating attacks against journalists.

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information contact the IFJ at +32 2 235 2207

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in 123 countries worldwide