IFJ Calls on Iran to Free Jailed Journalist after Claims of Mistreatment


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called on Iranian authorities to release journalist Abdolreza

Tajik who has been in detention for 50 days without being charged. His family

claims he has been ill treated in jail.


failure to produce evidence that he has broken the law and the fears that he is

being abused in jail should be enough to indicate that there is a terrible

injustice here," said Aidan White,

IFJ General Secretary. "If there is no case to answer he should be freed

immediately and all the allegations of ill treatment must be investigated."


to media sources Tajik was arrested more than a month ago. No reason for his

arrest has been announced. He has since complained to the head of the judiciary

about his degrading treatment during interrogation. The family also claims that

Tajik, who has been arrested three times since the June 2009 controversial

elections in Iran, is being denied

contact with them, his lawyer and with doctors.


IFJ is backing a petition which has been signed by a group of about 100 Iranian journalists calling on the prosecutor in Tehran to investigate the

allegations and to release Tajik.


authorities must get to the bottom of this case," added White. "This man is

being held in appalling circumstances and is being denied all of his rights."

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