Greek Journalists on Strike on 29 June

Greece's journalists and media

workers are to take part in the 24-hour nationwide strike declared by the

country's trade unions, which is set to start on Tuesday, June 29, at 6 am and

end on Wednesday, June 30, at 6 am.

The journalists' unions of Macedonia,  Athens Daily Newspaper (JUADN) and Thrace Daily

Newspapers (ESIEMTH), under the auspices of the Panhellenic Federation of

Journalists' Unions (POESY), is taking part in the strike protesting against:

- The abolishment of

fundamental labor and pension rights.

- The

undermining of collective labor agreements, the dissolution of the

Organization for Mediation and Arbitration (O.ME.D.), and the efforts to

establish labor market flexibility as a norm.

- The seizure of resources from the

sector's pension funds, which are wholly independent and do not burden the

state budget in the least.

- The absurd,

levelling and unfair taxation measures.