France : Call to all 'non available brains'*

* This is a reference to a declaration by Mr. Le Lay, General Director of TF1, who declared that his job consists of “selling available brain space to Coca-Cola”.

We Denounce:

• Ownership concentration in media, publishing houses, printing, distribution and broadcasting in the hands of a few groups and with the complicity of political power threatening civil liberties.

• Multinational companies, with public tenders in other sectors (e.g. weapons in France), defending a shameless ultraliberal vision of the economy, culture and social relations.

• Information and publication which act as ‘profit-making sectors’ and outlets for advertising/propaganda for the trademarks or the government that support them.

• Broadcast news, ‘sexy’ headlines in reference papers, books, entertainment programmes backed by sponsors: the world described by these media is an imposed one; this fiction is a make-up of our reality. Their fiction becomes our lives.




Demonstration Saturday 6 November, 2.30 pm in front of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, 3 rue de Valois, Paris 75100



• That public service, with sufficient means, becomes a space for the public and for creation, not for sponsors;

• The democratic appropriation of TF1, sold in 1987 under the pretext of ‘a better cultural wellness’. TF1 a channel and several cable-channels –including new TV LCI that acts as a lobbying instrument for the Bouygues Group- to “sell available brain space” to advertisers;

• To stop discrimination against free and independent media working for freedom of expression, social justice and against the manipulation of information. The active support of governments for the creation and the development of such media;

• The right for journalists, creators and media workers to work in dignity.

This call is supported by Acrimed, Attac, Confédération Nationale des Radios Libres, Résistance à l'Agression Publicitaire, SNJ, SNJ-CGT, Zalea TV and others.


100% Altermondialistes :

AC! (Agir contre le chômage) Ile-de-France :

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Altermonde :

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Association Altern :

Association Blue Meridien

Association des cinéastes documentaristes (ADDOC) :

Association Faire le jour :

Association des femmes journalistes (OFM) :

Association des journalistes pour la nature et l'écologie (OFM) :

Association pour la taxation des transactions financières pour l’aide aux citoyens

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CCAPT (Collectif contre les abus dûs aux psycho-technologies) :

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Fédération Nationale des Vidéos de Pays et de Quartiers (FNVDPQ) (OFM) :

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Mr. Renaud Lambert

Observatoire Français des Médias

3, avenue Stephen Pichon

75013 Paris

[email protected]