European Bodies Speak out for Press Freedom and Quality Media


European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has welcomed

the adoption of texts on media independence by the Council of Europe and by the

European Parliament.


welcome the fact that at the same moment, both the European Parliament and the

Council of Europe adopted texts defending press freedom and journalism as a

public good", said EFJ President Arne König. "It shows to journalists and to

the public that there is genuine concern for the problem. It is now up to the

national authorities to fulfil their duties".

In a

recommendation on "Public Service Media Governance" adopted on 16 February, the

Council of Europe called on member states to strengthen editorial and

operational independence of public broadcasters and other public service media.

This recommendation is particularly important for state broadcasters that have

not made their transition into genuine public service bodies or for public

broadcasters that are put under the influence or the control of

government.  The recommendation proposes guiding principles in terms of

independence, accountability, effective management, responsiveness,

responsibility, transparency and openness. It also underlines the need for gender-awareness and cultural diversity

training and the creation of a diverse workforce with the necessary skills.

On the same

day, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on threats to democracy, the rule of law and human

rights in Hungary. The resolution asks that the freedom and pluralism of

the media should be "guaranteed by the letter and the implementation of the

Hungarian Media Law". This resolution came as journalists and media in Hungary

are subject to political pressure in the country and as several examples of

censorship took place over the past months.

Many journalists across Europe work

under the threat of political interference and they lack the conditions needed

to work in a professional and ethical environment.

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