<font size="5">Pay and Living Standards

Call for Mobilisation</font>

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) calls for a demonstration on pay and living standards on Saturday April 5 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This will be around the same time as Europe’s finance ministers and the European Central Bank meet there to discuss the financial crisis.

European trade unions are protesting about:

- the falling shares of wages and salaries, (and purchasing power) in the national income of most European countries

- calls by Europe’s leaders for pay restraint by workers, especially in the public sector, at a time when living standards are stagnant or falling and more purchasing power is needed. Even the OECD has said there is no wage problem in the EU

- the excessive rewards of the directors and other top earners which continue to accelerate

- the persistent pay gap between men and women

We are campaigning for:

- improvements in purchasing power to end poverty and boost demand in sluggish European economies

- decent minimum wages in all European countries and narrowing the earnings gap between countries

- greater equality between the boardroom and the shopfloor, and between men and women

- a fair deal for all workers, including in the public services

Join us in Ljubljana !

Commit yourselves to support the ETUC support Europe’s workers by sending a strong delegation and message to the finance ministers and central bankers in Ljubljana on April 5.

Contact at the ETUC: Antonio Moreira ( or +32 475 67 40 67)

or see ETUCWebsite: