EGYPT CAMPAIGN - Global Call for Solidarity

Letter from IFJ President

Brussels, 4th February 2011


Dear colleagues,

I write to ask you to join us in our effort to stop the

attacks against journalists in Egypt. As you may be aware, dozens of journalists were arrested, attacked and beaten yesterday

in one of the biggest witch-hunts against journalists in recent years. In

several cities, the Egyptian government and its supporters embarked in a

violent campaign to intimidate and stop the international media from reporting

recent events in Egypt.

Some journalists were arrested,

others were beaten and had their cameras smashed and some abducted at

knifepoint. There were reported assaults on journalists for CNN, CBS, the BBC,

Danish TV2 News, Swiss television and Belgium's Le Soir newspaper, Associated

Press, Russia's Zvezda television channel, Turkey's state broadcaster TRT,

Polish television TVP, al-Arabiya TV, among others. Egyptian authorities shut

al-Jazeera's office on Sunday.


the IFJ concentrated on sending out with INSI safety advice

to journalists on the spot, arranging for them a hotline as well as organising

a special satellite telephone support for our colleagues in the Egyptian

Syndicate, and preparing our global campaign in support of journalists.

I enclose the letter which I sent last night to the

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Chafik. I should be grateful if you would write

to him urgently in similar terms on behalf of you union to demand that his

government should ensure that these attacks are stopped forthwith and take

responsibility for the protection of journalists.

Best wishes

Jim Boumelha

IFJ President