EFJ Criticises Dismissals at Spanish Press Agency


European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the regional group of the

International federation of Journalists, today expressed its great concern

about the recent announcement of 22 job cuts of journalists working at the

major public Spanish Press agency EFE. 


EFJ together with its Spanish affiliates, FAPE, FeSP and CCOO appeal to the

management of the agency and its public state shareholders to continue their

negotiations. During the last few months, the EFE management, government

representatives and the unions' officials from CCOO and UGT have negotiated a

long term strategy to overcome the critical situation of the agency after

controversial decisions of its director, Alex Grijelmo.


are shocked that a major Spanish press agency and one of the main employers to

journalists in Spain

have announced such big job cuts. They will inevitably have a negative impact

on the media landscape at large," said Arne König, EFJ  President of the

EFJ. "We believe that ESA has first of all to take its social and professional

responsibilities seriously and negotiate with the concerned staff and their



20 journalists, including photographers, at headquarters in Madrid and delegations in the regions were

informed of the lay-offs while discussions about the renewal of the

agency future economic stabilization were still taking place.


announcement of these lay-offs comes just a week after the adoption by the government

of a new labour reform decree, which

facilitates lay-offs in case of  business continued losses.


to the labour observatory of FAPE, 3.417

journalists have lost their work within the last two years.


EFJ and IFJ are increasingly concerned by the dramatic crisis within European

press agencies including photo agencies and consider that the change in the media

industry requires more than ever before professional, independent, unbiased and

reliable news reporting.

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The EFJ represents over 250,000 journalists in over 30 countries in Europe