EFJ Condemns Appointment Process of French TV Head

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the European group of the

International Federation of Journalists, has deplored the manner of appointing

the President of the French public broadcaster.

Yesterday French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced his nomination for the new

president of France Télévisions, Remy

Pflimlin. The EFJ deplores the implementation of the new broadcasting law

passed in March 2009 that allows the political executive to appoint the

chairmen of public broadcasters.

Even if the appointment must be confirmed by the High Audiovisual Council (CSA)

and the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Assembly, the process "sends the

wrong signal and marks a step backwards for the independence of media"

says the EFJ.

The EFJ criticises governments that put pressure on the media, especially

public broadcasters as has been the case recently in Hungary,

Romania and repeatedly in Italy.

The EFJ further regrets the disregard for the independence of public service

broadcasting held by the French President.

The right to information on TV channels in France now risks increased

political interference, seriously compromising the role of journalists.

The EFJ will monitor any interference with the public service mission of France Télévisions. It called on the

unions of France Télévision to

continue to protect the working conditions of journalists and for a strong,

diversified information to citizens.

French members of the EFJ are SNJ, SNJ-CGT and USJ-CFDT.

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The EFJ represents over 250,000 journalists in over 30 countries across Europe