EFJ calls Greek Court to drop charges against journalist Kostas Vaxevanis

Kostas Vaxevanis should not face criminal charges for

doing his job, the European Federation of Journalists(EFJ) said today. 

After an inquiry by the Prosecutor of the Misdemeanor

Court of Athens on Saturday 27 October, the police was seeking Greek

investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis for publishing on HOT DOC magazine

the "Lagarde List" consisting in 2059 names of Greek citizens with

deposits in the Swiss HSBC bank. Mr Vaxevanis was briefly detained by the

police the following day and he is now facing trial on 1st November for

publishing the "Lagarde List" thus "violating privacy law".   

"We clearly think that the publication of a list

already shown in public in 2010 by Ms Lagarde when she was still French

Minister of Finance is only a matter of providing information to the public. Mr

Vaxevanis was doing his job of a journalist working for the public good, not

only in relation to the list itself but also in relation to the lack of

reaction of the authorities to carry out inquiries about potential large-scale

tax evasion".

Dimitris Trimis, the President of the EFJ/IFJ affiliate

JUADN, said "I consider absolutely hypocritical the Court's fastidious

inquiry against investigative journalism, in particular when evidence is

brought to public attention concerning matters investigated with no success for

months by Justice and politicians who blame each other for inefficiency. Press openness and transparency are the very soul of

Democracy and Justice!"


also points out that as Mr Vaxevanis  is

brought to court, today one of the large dailies "TA NEA" also

published the "Lagarde list", fortunately

without any judicial prosecution up to now.


two and a half years ago Ms. Christine

Lagarde (French Minister of Finance at that time) gave to her Greek counterpart

Minister of Economy Mr. G. Papakonstantinou a CD, with the names of 2059 Greek

citizens having large bank accounts in Swiss Bank HSBC.  The Greek press continuously referred to the

existence of the list. Mr. Evangelos Venizelos currently President of PASOK and

a successor of Mr. G. Papakonstantinou in the Ministry of Economy at the time,

admitted at a Parliamentary Committee hearing that he had a copy of the list in

his office. However the authorities always considered that it could not be used

"for reasons of violating privacy law".

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