Nordic Freelancers Gathered in Stockholm

The annual

Nordic Freelance Seminar gathered this year some 120 freelancers in Stockholm

for a weekend on September 3-5th, 2010. The seminar moves from one Nordic country to

another every year and has been organised since early 1990's in Sweden,

Denmark, Norway and Finland. It is the major gathering of journalists on the

Nordic level.

This year

the theme of the seminar was cooperation: cooperation between freelancers,

journalists from neighbouring countries and networking with other


The seminar

started with matchmaking, short prebooked business meetings between

participants to create own networks and find colleagues intrested in same

topics as you are. This was found succesful, as there are not too often possibilities

to discuss on possible cooperation with freelance journalists from other


Other parts

of the programme included themes like how to find and use tools for

cooperation, how to develop a production company and how to find new ideas.

Awarded photojournalist Pieter Ten Hoopen told the meeting about his methods to work and

collaborate with writing journalists.

Participants also

heard how Swedish freelancer Fredrik Gertten got

sued by a large American corporation Dole due to his documentary film Bananas. It tells the story of 12 workers

in Dole fields in Nicaragua. Gertten presented the film, the reaction it created

and actions to support the film maker.

The next Nordic Freelance Seminar will be held in Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark, 13-15th May

2011. The seminar is open to all and the working language is English. The

actual information can be found on the seminar web page:


The Nordic

freelance coordinator