IFJ Mourns Loss of Journalist Killed in Lebanon Border Clash

The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today said that the killing of a journalist in

clashes between Israeli and the Lebanese troops has highlighted the continuing

dangers facing journalists trying to cover the world's longest-running



Abu Rahhal, 55 years old and working for Lebanon's

Al-Akhbar newspaper, was reportedly killed today in the fighting which

erupted along the Israel-Lebanon border. He was killed when an isreali shell landed next to him.

Another journalist, Ali Sheaib a reporter for the Lebanese TV outlet Al-Manar was wounded in

the exchange of fire which left three Lebanese soldiers dead.

"After years of relative calm, this outbreak of violence illustrates just how

dangerous covering any corner of Arab-Israeli conflict can be," said Aidan

White, IFJ General Secretary. "Journalists and media can never be safe as long

as governments fail to respect their rights to report freely."

The media casualty is the first since freelance

photographer Layal Najib was killed in the war between Hezbollah and Israel in 2006.


killing is another tragic moment for media in a conflict that has provided many

examples of the sacrifice that journalists make to cover this story," said

White. "It is ever-more important that all sides take note of the need to

respect international law and the rights of non-combatants, including


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