IFJ Condemns Targeting of Media in Iraq after Journalist Is Hurt in Bomb Attack


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today warned of continuing

violence against Iraqi journalists following the wounding of a television reporter

in a bomb explosion on Monday in Baghdad.

"This was a

lucky escape from yet another vicious targeted attack on an Iraqi journalist,"

said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. "We condemn this senseless violence

which threatens to add to the country's record of media victims who lost their

lives since the beginning of war in 2003."

According to

reports, the police in Baghdad have confirmed that al-Iraqiya television

journalist Alaa Muhssein was wounded in the blast caused by a sticky bomb which

had been attached to his car.

The Iraqi

Journalists Syndicat (IJS), an IFJ affiliate, has condemned the attack on the

journalist and called on the security forces and the judiciary to do the

necessary to find and prosecute the criminals. It also urged the Parliament to adopt

the Journalists' Protection law which constitutes an essential guarantee for

the future of journalism, their freedom and their families'.

The IFJ says

the latest attack on journalists in Iraq raises fears of the return to the

violent past following the invasion of Iraq during which over 250 journalists

were killed in targeted attacks. Last month, two journalists from al-Iraqiya television

channel were also murdered in Baghdad.


authorities need to implement urgent protection measures for Iraqi

journalists," added White. "We support our colleagues in IJS in their fight

against impunity."

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