Call Against Media Concentration in France

The « Observatoire français des médias » (French Media Observatory) launched an on-line petition against media concentration in France.

The appeal has received the support of the EFJ members (SNJ, SNJ-CGT and CFDT Radio-Télé) as well as by NGOs and civil society groups.

On 17 June, the European Commission has allowed industrial conglomerate Marcel Dassault (GIMD) to buy up to 82% of the shares of the «Socpresse », the publishing company of 70 French newspapers, including major newspapers such as Le Figaro and l’Express. The GIMD company is primarly a weapon and aeronotic manufactury. His manager, Serge Dassault, is also a local politician, member of the French ruling coalition UMP. He openly said that he buys media « to make his ideas heard ». Dassault already announced that he would allow the French private broadcaster TF1 to take shares at the Socpresse, creating by consequent a dangerous example of cross-media ownership.

Another weapon industry conglomerate, Lagardère, is already a leading French media giant with activities in the written press, publishing, radio and distribution. Dassault and Lagardère own over 70% of the French press.

Please spread the call!!

There is an online petition here:

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