Bauer Media Group Faces Defeat Before German Court

The district court in Hamburg, Germany

ruled on 4 May that the Bauer Media Group violated German copyright law by

re-using images of its photojournalists without further payment (Az. 312 O



According to the court decision, the flat-rate fee

charged by Bauer to cover multiple uses of photojournalists’ work is illegal.

The court said second-use of images should be compensated with additional



The decision also overturned previous ruling that

photojournalists have to face the legal consequence for the use of their work. However,

the court rejected the claim for compensation to photojournalists whose names

were not attributed in Bauers’ publications.


The case was brought by journalists unions in Germany, the DJV and dju who sued on behalf of

the photojournalists working for Bauer in Germany.


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