#RatifyC190 to combat online abuse

Jennifer Moreau from UNIFOR describes the level of online abuse in Canada and how it impacts women and freedom of speech.

Jennifer Moreau

In Canada, online harassment and abuse of female journalists is a major problem affecting our union members. 

According to a recent IPSOS poll more than 70 per cent of Canadian media workers experienced online harassment in the past year, and 73 per cent feel the attacks are increasing. 

Harassment can range from accusations of “fake news” and sending sexualized images to threats of sexual assault, threats against family members, or death threats. 

This unacceptable behaviour is part of a global continuum of violence against journalists that has a chilling and harmful effect on workers. It is also an attack on press freedom that damages the public’s right to information. 

ILO Convention 190 would give us a common framework to address online harassment of journalists because it covers the “world of work”, including online spaces. No one deserves to work in an environment of harassment and fear. 

Jennifer Moreau


Find out more about ILO Convention 190 on violence and harassment in the world of work and how you can get involved by checking the IFJ campaign page. 

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