"WAZ-IFJ Prize for Courage in Journalism" Awarded to Bulgarian Journalist

ESSEN / BRUSSELS, 29 October 2009. The WAZ Media Group and the International Federation

of Journalists (IFJ) will present the Bulgarian journalist Lidiya Pavlova (40)

with the "WAZ-IFJ Prize for Courage in Journalism". The international prize is

endowed with 10,000 Euros and will be awarded for the first time this year.

The sponsors say the award highlights the

exemplary role of independent media in scrutinising and exposing the abuse of

power. The winning report reveals corruption and illustrates courage and

professionalism in its presentation of evidence concerning intimidation and


Lidiya Pavlova, journalist of the Bulgarian regional


will receive the "WAZ-IFJ Prize for Courage in Journalism 2009" for a series of

articles in which she reveals mafia-like criminality and corruption in a small

Bulgarian town called Dupnitsa. Despite exposing herself to extreme personal risk,

she reports about the Galev brothers, so-called businessmen who develop their private

interests through political corruption and violence.

"Her exemplary courage in speaking out in the

midst of fearful silence, her meticulous gathering and assembling of the

relevant and necessary facts, and the style and presentation of her work reflect

the core objectives of the Prize", said the international jury of the WAZ-IFJ Prize.

The winner has been working as a reporter and a

correspondent for various Bulgarian newspapers for over 15 years. For 12 years

she has been reporting for the daily newspaper "Struma", with a special focus on the region Kjustendil in south

west Bulgaria. In 2004, Lidiya Pavlova was chosen by the association of

Bulgarian regional media as the journalist of the year. This year she received

a special prize from the organisation.

Her revelations of rampant crime, violence and

political corruption in the town of Dupnitsa

became a national scandal. Her investigations began after her own son was a

victim of violence." Applying the trusted methods of the skilful reporter and

at great personal risk she meticulously unmasked the damage done to a local community

when corrupt relations develop between criminals and those responsible for the

protection and welfare of citizens", the jury said.

"Her reporting provides emotional depth in the

best traditions of human interest journalism and has particular merit for its

local focus and its compelling exposure of the plight of ordinary people when

their daily lives are threatened in an atmosphere of intimidation and fear",

the jury continues. Lidiya Pavlova and her family are living with the fear of

threats due to the courageous report and are living under constant protection

from the police.

The "WAZ-IFJ Prize for Courage in Journalism"

will be awarded for the first time during the Third South East Europe Media Forum. From

the 4th-6th November, high-ranking media representatives

from the south east European region will meet in the Albanian capital of

Tirana, to discuss the convention topic "Media, Marketing, Business and New

Media". The media forum is organised annually by the WAZ Media Group, together

with the south east European media programme of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

(KAS) and the journalist organisation SEEMO (South East Europe Media


In 2007, the media house of Essen and the Brussels-based IFJ federation

agreed upon "a Framework Agreement for the defence and encouragement of freedom

of the press, quality journalism and good working relationships". With a focus

on this agreement, the WAZ Group and IFJ announced the "Prize for Courage in

Journalism" for the first time last year. Print and online journalists or

editorial offices from countries in west, middle and south east Europe such as

Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia,

in which the WAZ media group is active in publishing, can apply for the prize.

At the same time the "Courage Prize 2009" was also open to authors of WAZ

titles and publications from other publishers. Texts and editorial reports were

able to be sent in.

The jury, which consisted of the Serbian „Vreme" journalist Dejan Anastasijevic,

journalist of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" Hans Leyendecker, the former editor in

chief of the Hungarian economical magazine HVG, Ivan Lipovecz, the editor in

chief of the "Braunschweiger Zeitung" Paul-Josef Raue and the Croatian lecturer

of journalism Gordana Vilovic, made the final decision.

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the largest organisation of journalists on the continent, representing about

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