The Freedom and Independence of Romanian Press - 2005/2006

In September 2006, the trade union of Romanian journalists "MediaSind" issued a report on freedom and independence of the the press in 2005-2006.

CLICK HERE to download the report (PDF, 353kb)

In June 2005, MediaSind became a full member of the International Federation of Journalists . As a result of the affiliation to IFJ, MediaSind Trade Union Organization has become country evaluator and has the duty to draw up country reports for the media field. MediaSind conclusions and reports are presented to the European Union Institutions, in the global report of the IFJ, as they represent European forums’ materials to inform and evaluate the level of democratization of the press in Romania, the degree in which the freedom of expression is respected and all the aspects of concern for mass-media.
Considering Romania’s future European Union Integration and after almost 2 years of governing of the D.A. Alliance, MediaSind Trade Union Organization, representative mass-media organization and IFJ’s member organisation in Romania, publishes the hereby Report for 2005-2006 on the press’ independence and social-economical situation, the watch dog of the Romanian democracy.