Strategic Approach to Journalists Contract Workers - Kolkata, August 8, 2006

ECCP project: EU-India- Building Paths to Equality in Journalism

<font size="3">Strategic Approach to Journalists Contract Workers</font>

Kolkata, August 8, 2006

1) Concerns

· Contract workers do not join unions

· Unions do not show enthusiasm regarding contract journalists' membership

· Drop in union membership

· Fear of contract workers of loosing their jobs if they join unions

2) Goals

· Bring job security for contract journalists and organise them in unions

3) Strategy: strenghtening of trade unions

· Hold regular meeting involving all workers

· Increase communication on unions (website)

· Increase consultation of journalist contract workers on their problems

· Voice their concerns: discuss with management about contract workers' problems

· Ask for time off for contract workers to attend unions' meetings

· Arrange social activities for contract workers

· Seek political support

· Include trade unionism as a subject in journalists' schools

· Call on media houses to provide equipment for all workers

· Facilities for women for night shifts

· Equal pay for equal work

· Attract all journalists in the unions

· Strenghten the Confederation of Newspapers and News Agencies Employees Organisations

4) Timeframe

    As early as possible