Safety Seminar for Colombian Journalists


Source: Foundation for Freedom of the Press (FLIP)

September 25, 2003, Colombia

A security seminar for Colombian journalists took place in Paipa, Colombia

from September 22 to 24, 2003, and it included the participation of Centurion Risk Assessment Services, Ltd, and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

This seminar was supported by International Media Support or IMS and the International News Safety Institute or INSI.

Fifteen journalists of different news organizations and from various Colombian cities had the opportunity to benefit from a three-day workshop dedicated to the application of security matters specific to the Colombian conflict. The topics included risk evaluation, pre-field planning, an introduction to emergency first aid, and self-protection strategies.

The seminar also included a discussion about the phenomenon of trauma and how it affects journalists who cover conflicts, natural disasters and acts of violence. Participants received the manual in Spanish, "Tragedies and Journalists: A guide to more effective coverage," published by the Dart Center of the University of Washington.

FLIP and the Colombian umbrella press freedom organization, Proyecto Antonio Narino,organized this seminar following the publication in Spanish of FLIP's "Self-Protection Manual for Journalists Covering the Colombian Conflict."

The above organizations plan to continue helping reporters throughout the nation further establish self-protection measures for Colombian journalists.