Resolutions adopted by the EFJ Annual Meeting 2006, Bled 7-9 April



A) Union Rights and Collective Agreements


1. Regulation for freelance journalists

2. Insurance of freelances (pigistes)

3. Freelance rights

4. Pensions in Ireland

Authors' Rights

5. Authors' Rights

6. Collecting Societies

B) Broadcasting and Media Policy

7. Job Cutting at RTVE

EU and Broadcasting

8. Broadcasting Frequencies

9. Revision of TWF Directive

10. TWF Directive: Advertising without limits

Media Concentration and Media Freedom

11. Measures against Media concentration - Defend Pluralism

12. Media Freedom

13. Closure of France Soir

C) Quality in Media and Protection of Sources

14. Data Retention

15. Data Retention and Protection of Sources

16. Data Retention

17. Protection of Sources in Portugal

18. Self-regulation

19. EU White Paper on Communication Strategy

20. Casualisation of the Journalist Profession

D) Press Freedom

21. World Cup 2006: FIFA and the Right of Information

22. Belarus

E) Organisation and Finance of the EFJ/IFJ

23. Financial Strategy

24. EFJ Policy concerning working language