Making News: Women in Journalism

Making News: Women in Journalism

By Ammu Joseph

Making News: Women in Journalism brings together the personal stories and professional assessments of more than 200 women journalists in India, including familiar names such as Bachi Karkaria, Kalpana Sharma, Malini Parthasarathy, Mrinal Pande, Shobhaa Dé and Tavleen Singh. Capturing the experiences, opinions and distinct attitudes of a wide range of female journalists in print media, this book offers key insights into their views on their profession in general, as well as their perceptions of their own individual roles.

In this new and updated edition of her 2000 book, Ammu Joseph, a long-time media professional and observer, analyses the various ways in which gender and gender-related issues affect women in journalism, and presents a frank and forthright picture of the ups and downs of this fascinating field. She traces the history of women's involvement in the mainstream media and probes the diverse perspectives of women working in different parts of the country, in various languages, in both small towns and big cities—some just starting out in their careers and others who are already well-established. Their voices reflect a gamut of complex issues–from sexual harassment at the workplace to marginalization and discrimination in a largely male-dominated profession.

In recent years substantial numbers of women have opted for, and achieved great success in, journalism. However, as an occupation it has not received intensive scrutiny from within the profession, by women journalists themselves. Making News delves into the ground realities, as well as the exciting possibilities, of a career in print media. It also carries a new annexure on the network building experience of the Network of Women in Media, India.

Penguin Books, India, December 2005