Last Call for Entries for the 2003 Natali Prize

The International Federation of Journalists issues a final call for entries for the 2003 Natali Prize. The deadline for entries is 31 May.

One of the world's most prestigious journalism prizes is the Natali Prize for Journalism: Excellence in Reporting Human Rights, Democracy and Development, which was established by the European Commission in 1992 and is administered by the IFJ.

The prize is awarded to print and on-line journalists who have demonstrated a striking insight and particular dedication to the reporting of human rights issues within the context of the development process.

This year one Natali prize will be awarded to a journalist in each of the following five regions:

Europe (EU member and non-member states)


Asia and the Pacific

the Arab World, Iran and Israel

Latin America and the Caribbean

The winners of the 2003 Natali Prize will be selected by an independent jury made up of nine respected media and human rights experts from the five regions covered by the prize. The nominees - three from each region - will be announced as soon as the jury has reached a decision at their meeting in Brussels at the end of July.

At the prize giving ceremony, which will take place at the International Press Centre in Brussels on 2nd October, EU Commissioner for DG Development, Mr. Poul Nielson, will award each of the winners a Natali Trophy and a financial award of EUR 10,000.

Detailed information about the Natali Prize, including the rules and an application form, is available in several languages on

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