International News Safety Institute to Establish a Regional Office in Singapore


International News Safety Institute is to launch INSI Asia Pacific with a

regional office based in Singapore to focus on the most dangerous region in the

world for journalists and media workers.


This is an

initiative of Australian and New Zealand journalists and media workers through

their unions Media Safety and Solidarity Appeal together with the global unions

for media workers, UNI Global Union and the International Federation of

Journalists Asia Pacific.



and media personnel working in the Asia-Pacific region confront targeted

attacks, threats and intimidation, work-related injury and the dangers of

reporting in areas of conflict. 



Pakistan, the Philippines and Afghanistan are often ranked in the top ten

deadliest countries in the world for journalists with Nepal and Sri Lanka

ranking amongst the worst countries for impunity. Next month will mark the

third anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre in the Philippines, when 32

journalists were among the 58 killed in 2009.


Already, 21

journalists have been killed in the Asia-Pacific region since January 2012.



International News Safety Institute (INSI) was established ten years ago by the

IFJ and the International Press Institute with major global employers to create

a global safety network for journalists and other news gatherers. INSI operates

on the premise that creating a culture of safety in journalism enhances the

capacity of media to contribute to building prosperous and confident



To address

these challenges in the Asia-Pacific, a regional INSI office will be

established in Singapore to boost and coordinate efforts to improve safety and

security for journalists and media personnel working throughout the

Asia-Pacific region. 


The office will

serve a number of important functions including a single point of contact and

rapid response to threats and attacks on journalists, standardised

safety-related training materials and trainings and the on-going monitoring and

reporting of conditions throughout the region.




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