IFJ Welcomes New Vintu Partnership to Assist Stricken Media Families


part of its World Press Freedom Day actions, the International Federation of

Journalists (IFJ) has announced a new agreement with the Brussels-based Vintu

Foundation to provide humanitarian assistance to families of journalists and

media personnel who are killed on duty.


first agreement between the IFJ and the Vintu Foundation for Excellency in

Education and Journalism, founded by Romanian media owner Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, was

signed in 2007 when a special Fund was created to specifically assist families

who lose a breadwinner as a result of their work in the media. The agreement

was first renewed in 2008.


assistance provided under the Fund has proved over the last two years a genuine

lifeline to families of colleagues from all over the world," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. "We welcome the

Vintu Foundation's continuous commitment to the Fund and its generous support

to our humanitarian assistance."


Vintu Fund, administered by the IFJ, provides monthly payments for a year to 10

journalists' families who lose household head or the family's breadwinner to

violence related to that person's work as a journalist.


its insertion, the Fund has provided assistance to families of journalists from

the following countries: Afghanistan, Colombia( 2 families) Democratic Republic

of Congo ( 5 families), Iraq (7 families), the Philippines

( 2 families), Pakistan, Russia,

Somalia ( 3 families), Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.


Press Freedom Day is about the working and living conditions of journalists,"

added White. "Those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for their profession must be

able to count on our solidarity to spare their families financial hardship."

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