IFJ Questions Arbitrary Detention of Journalists in Hong Kong

The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins the Hong Kong Journalists’ Association (HKJA)

in questioning the manner in which police in Hong Kong

detained three journalists who had been testing the security system of a government



On August 11, the three journalists

of Hong Kong-based newspapers Ming Pao,

Sing Tao and Capital Weekly were held for at least six hours and accused of attempted



According to the Ming Pao reporter, she and the other two

journalists registered and received a visitor’s permit at the reception office

of the Hong Kong Government’s new headquarters. They were stopped and

questioned by police as they left the premises after they had located the

third-floor office of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive

Donald Tsang.


Although the trio explained how they

had entered the building and the third floor, the police detained them because,

they said, the journalists’ explanation for visiting the office was not



The three were released unconditionally

after half a day.


IFJ calls on Hong Kong Police

Commissioner Andy Tsang, who was appointed in January 2011, to offer an apology

for the detention of the journalists.


The IFJ notes that the incident follows

the arbitrary detention in Hong Kong on July 1

of two journalists who were unable to produce their press cards when requested

by local police. 


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