IFJ Launches Global Journalism Prize to Promote Tolerance, Combat Racism and Discrimination

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the global organisation representing over 500,000 journalists worldwide, today launched the 2003 IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize at a meeting of Asia public service broadcasters in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize aims to combat racism and discrimination, through recognising the work of journalists from all media who contribute to a better understanding of cultural, religious and ethnic differences.

The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize for 2003 was launched an international meeting the IFJ has convened to defend public service broadcasting in Asia.

The IFJ meeting, which has drawn together experts in public service broadcasting from across Asia, heard how important it is to reward journalism that actively sets out to promote tolerance and understanding.

In launching the prize, IFJ President Christopher Warren told the meeting: “The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize, now in its second year, is about rewarding excellence in journalism that promotes tolerance and understanding in our communities.“

“The defence of public service broadcasting and the promotion of the IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize have a certain synergy: both are about promoting a fair and balanced view of our world,” Warren said in Colombo today.

The Prize will be awarded to journalists in five regions of the world:

  • South Asia;

  • South East Asia;

  • Latin America;

  • Central and Western Africa; and

  • Eastern and Southern Africa.

    The Prize, which is open to local journalists employed by local media in the region, has been launched at a time when cultural, religious and ethnic differences are increasingly contributing to instability and unrest in many regions of the world.

    The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize, supported by the European Union, is open to journalists and photographers from print/on-line, radio and television. There will be a total prize pool of €3,000 for each region.


  • Entry forms are available from the IFJ, journalists’ organisations in each of the regions or online – IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize Application Form

  • Entry is free and will close on 27 FEBRUARY 2004

  • Open to all media including television, radio, photography and print/on-line

  • Entries will be accepted in most local languages of each region – check online IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize Rules (Rule 12) for the local Prize languages

  • Entries must have been published/broadcast between 1 JANUARY and 31 DECEMBER 2003

    For more information about the prize visit: IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize

    Or Contact:

    Emma Walters

    IFJ Asia-Pacific Project Office

    Tel: + 612 9333 0999 or 612 9333 0950

    Fax: + 612 9333 0933

    Email: emma.walters@alliance.org.au