IFJ Condemns Closure of Union Offices in Argentina

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

today called on authorities in the Argentina capital, Buenos Aires , to

reconsider their decision to close down the office of the Federación Argentina

de Trabajadores de Prensa (FATPREN), an IFJ affiliate, on allegations of organising social functions on the premises

without proper authorisation.


"The decision of the city authorities to close down

an office over a function which would last only a few hours beggars belief,"

said Jim Boumelha, IFJ President. "Our members have made it clear that there

was no need to seek special permit as the event did not cause any inconvenience

to the public. We urge the authorities to reopen the office forthwith."


FATPREN said in a statement that officials from the

City Hall, supported by security forces entered the union's premises as a group

of about 50 journalists were celebrating the Radio Operator's Day. They ordered

the guests to leave and closed the office, claiming the union had failed to

seek permission to hold private parties on the premises. They left a closure

notice mentioning ‘work and security' as reasons for the measure but did not

request union officials to report to any relevant authorities.


FATPREN challenged the measure, saying the event

took place inside their office, away from the street and presented no reason

for concern to the police patrols. This was the second time the union offices

have been raided by the authorities in its history, according to FATPREN

statement. The first raid was in 1976 under the dictatorial regime when

security forces came to arrest the union leaders and to destroy evidence of

crimes committed by the military junta.


The IFJ joined its regional organisation, La

Federación de Periodistas de América Latina y el Caribe (FEPALC) in urging

Mauricio Macri, Mayor of Buenos,  to

ensure the office is re-opened immediately so that journalists as well as their

families can have access to services which are provided in the building.


"The circumstances surrounding the closure of the

union suggest that there was unwarranted interference in the union affairs and

that is unacceptable," added Boumelha. "The authorities must act quickly to

restore our colleagues in their rights."


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