IFJ Condemns Brutal Killing of Journalist in Paraguay

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today condemned the killing in Paraguay of journalist Tito Alberto Palma, who was shot by gunmen in military uniform at his girlfriend’s home on Wednesday after receiving numerous death threats.

He had been targeted because of his reports on illegal fuel trafficking, drug trafficking and political corruption.

“This killing is another horrifying example of the risks facing investigative journalists, of contempt for the rule of law, and of the need for government to counter impunity by bringing these killers to justice,” said IFJ General Secretary Aidan White. “We are outraged by Tito’s death and we call on the Paraguayan government to launch a full investigation to bring his killers to justice.”

Palma, a Chilean national, was a journalist for local radio station Mayor Otaño and for Radio Chaco Boreal based in Asunción. He reported on organised crime and political corruption, according to reports, and he had received many death threats. The shooters also injured his girlfriend in the attack.

The IFJ and its regional group the Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Journalists are calling on authorities in Paraguay to launch a full investigation to find those responsible for Palma’s death.

“This murder is an attempt to silence independent media and to intimidate journalists who are trying to inform their readers about crime and political problems in Paraguay,” White said. “The authorities must prosecute Tito’s attackers and send a message that there is no impunity for journalists’ killers.”

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