IFJ Condemns Attacks on Media after Killing of Another Journalist in Mexico


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its regional group, the

Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Journalists (FEPALC) have condemned

the murder of Jean Paul Ibarra Ramirez, a photographer for El Correo newspaper who was shot dead on 13 February.


to reports, Ramirez was killed as he was riding his motorbike with journalist Jenny

Luliana Marchán Arroyo who sustained serious guns wounds in the attack. She was

admitted at the hospital in Iguala city in Guerrero state, Western

Mexico where she remains in critical condition.


violence against journalists has reached intolerable levels in many states of Mexico," said

Celso Schroeder, President of FEPALC. "It is time for the Prosecutor General to

show commitment to fighting attacks against journalists."


Office of the Prosecutor General is widely criticised for weakness in its

investigations into murders of journalists. At least ten journalists were killed

in 2008 in circumstances related to their work.


impunity for Journalists' killers is leading to self-censorship which, in turn,

erodes credibility of media and curtails civil liberties,"according to Zuliana Láinez,

head of the human rights section of FEPALC.


IFJ and FEPALC are supporting the National Syndicate of Press Editors (SNRP),

IFJ affiliate, which has called for a rigorous investigation in this murder and

the prosecution of those responsible for it.


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